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A Playbook designed by top streamers, private group mentorship and exclusive content from industry experts.


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Discounts to top brands in streaming and access to a list of pre-vetted service providers across legal, tax and design.

We Have a Playbook For You To Follow

We distilled our knowledge from making content over the years and building streaming platforms into a roadmap that you can use.
We’ll guide you through the strategy step-by-step, whilst helping you implement specific tactics to move the needle.







The Team Behind Pipeline

David Steinberg


My entire life I have been in love with games and I never knew what I was going to do or be.

I took up economics in college and stuck to it. My friends stopped playing games and it was then that I found the online community that I wanted to be a part of.

I didn’t have great equipment or any skill at the beginning, but I started to learn and create, learning what worked and didn’t. I kept trying new things with my content and slowly my audience grew as I reached more and more people.

Graduating from college, I then got a 7-5 job whilst spending every night and weekend working on my content. I reinvested and hunted for opportunities with my content until it became too much and I couldn’t take the stress of working full time while creating.

I left my job and fully committed to my content, ramping up my time spent streaming and creating.

Now, I have 3.5M+ followers with 600M views online and streaming full time. Throughout, I have met incredible creators on my journey and learned so much that I am excited to share with you inside Pipeline.

Stephen Ellis


Growing up a passionate gamer, I was a small town kid in Scotland who never thought it would be possible to turn my passion into a career.

When I was 19, my father passed away and I told my family I was dropping out of my computer science degree to become a professional gamer. They didn’t understand, they were worried. Rightfully so!

Fast forward a few years, I captained my team to 3rd in the League of Legends World Championship and across 4 years competed in 30+ countries around the world. Still bitter we didn’t win OGN Summer in Korea though! 😉

I first started out streaming on own3D before Twitch and regularly streamed to thousands of viewers. More recently, in the last few years I lead Facebook’s entry into live game streaming where now thousands of streamers are starting to make a living on the platform.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned so much about what it takes to build a career in streaming and I’m excited to share that with you inside Pipeline.

If you’re game and are serious about turning streaming into a part-time or full-time career, we’re here to help.

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Have you ever experienced any of these?

You’re not SUPPORTED by friends or family because they just don’t understand.

You need to upgrade your setup but you don’t have the MONEY to invest in a new stream setup.


You love streaming but are struggling to get the VIEWERS to see your content.


You don’t have enough TIME to learn how to stream, as well as actually do it.


You’re not sure where to start or what to PRIORITIZE for your stream.


It’s hard to stay MOTIVATED when  you’re not growing.

We Created Pipeline Because It’s Something We Wish We Had

Listen, we fully understand what it’s like to not feel supported and we really know how challenging it can be to stay motivated.
It can be hard to balance building your stream while juggling a job. We’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirts.

We compiled our journey into a playbook and broke it down into steps to help you get crystal clear on:


A Step by Step Plan to Guide You


Identifying Your Audience


How to Maximize Your Equipment


Building Your Community


How To Implement The Strategy


Building Your Business


Going Part-Time To Full-Time


Building Your Team For Scale

How Pipeline Works For You

An Exclusive Playbook

We have curated what we’ve learned over the past decade into a step by step road map for you to follow each month.

Whether you’re starting with the foundations and building your community or you want to learn about systems that help you scale and grow your business. 

Group Mentorship with Experts

At least twice a month, we’ll be hosting private live sessions with StoneMountain64 and other top streamers inside Pipeline.

We’re here to help you implement what you’ve learned and keep your spirits high.

Private Streamer Network

This is where the community brings together their knowledge to level the playing field and encourage collaboration over competition.

You’ll get access to our exclusive discord and forum where you can network, collaborate and celebrate your wins with other members.

Exclusive Discounts with Brands

We believe in lowering the barrier to entry to streaming.
That’s why we’re excited to team up with top brands in the streaming industry to provide you exclusive discounts of up to 40% on hardware and software.

Enrollment will close in...

Signups are now closed!



Help streamers turn their passion into a career.


  • Private Streamer Network
  • Discounts with Top Gaming Brands
  • Each Month unlock a Pillar of the Pipeline Playbook
  • Group Mentorship with Top Streamers
  • Design, Legal, Editing and Tax Resources




  • 15%+ Discount vs Monthly plan
  • All Monthly Benefits
  • 3 Months FREE subscription to Pretzel Rock for stream music
  • Instant Unlock of Pipeline Playbook
  • Bonus Monthly 1 hour Group Q&A with StoneMountain64


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