Content Creation

Introducing the Pipeline Master Class

Earlier this month, Pipeline introduced its new mentorship series, Master Class. A Master Class is a deep dive into a specific topic as requested by our members. Pipeline Master Class invites experts within the streaming community to speak about specific topics, such as their channel’s

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The Child Online Protection Act & What Streamers Should Know

If you’ve been keeping up with news in the gaming and streaming world, chances are you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the Child Online Protection Act (COPPA). But what is COPPA really, and why should streamers care? To bring this topic to light, Pipeline interviewed

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November Streaming News Roundup

Gaming is a large and fast-moving industry, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything happening via Twitter or other social media. To help streamline the process, we at Pipeline have put together a brief list of some major news from the

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Organizing Your Business and Finances

If you are making a significant profit, or pursuing something in effort of making a profit, then what you’re doing  – streaming – is considered a business. Any money you make will need to be recorded and reported to be taxed. In the USA if

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Navigating Music Licensing ft. Pretzel Rocks Founder

As streamers, we are all aware of the issues such as loss of revenue or muted VoDs that can stem from copyright violations, most often relating to music. It is incredibly frustrating to see your in-game reactions and audience exchanges – the things that make

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