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Welcome to the eleventh installment of the Pipeline Community Spotlight! Each week, we’ll be highlighting a member of the community and their story in an effort to share learnings among each other and bring everyone closer together even in these trying times...
Ausgust 28, 2020
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Master Class Digest: Community Building and Development

October 23, 2020

Enjoyed our last Master Class series on Music Streaming? We're back with another one this week -- this time on something that's been highly requested: Community Building and Development!

Community Spotlight: IAmBPala

October 17, 2020

Everyone deserves a good mentor, but not everyone is blessed with having one -- especially in the streaming space. That’s what IAmBPala, or Brandon, is here to help with.

Community Spotlight: Almighty Ginger

October 9, 2020

Chasing your dreams often isn’t easy, and Almighty Ginger can attest to that. Two years ago, Ginger had the most stable of lives. He had a high paying job in shipping logistics and had more than enough for him, his fiance and his child. But deep down, he knew the life he had just wasn’t for him. 

Master Class Digest: Music Streaming Bootcamp

October 8, 2020

Our latest Master Class dives into the growing niche of music streaming. Streaming music can encompass many things -- from streaming yourself singing to playing instruments to creating digital music.

Community Spotlight: MyrnIsTh3Word

October 2, 2020

For this week's community spotlight, meet MyrnIsTh3Word! A creative at heart, Myrn is known not just for being passionate about the many games he streams -- from MMOs to Shooters -- but also his passion for helping new and upcoming streamers.

Master Class Digest: Making Your Mark - Your Visual Identity

October 1, 2020

For this week's Master Class, we'll be diving into creating your visual identity. Your visual identity is how you look from the perspective of others, specifically your viewers and potential partners! This includes your logo, overlays, social media assets and everything in between.

Community Spotlight: WizKidShannon

September 26, 2020

For this week’s community spotlight, meet Brandon "WizKidShannon" Shannon! An American currently serving in the Air Force overseas, streaming provides him with an outlet to meet lots of new people across the globe. Part of his motivation for streaming are all the people he's met through it, as well as the community he's built along the way.

Community Spotlight: RyGuy

September 19, 2020

Meet Ryan “RyGuy” Kellum, a mobile gaming streamer and Pipeline community member who just started streaming in the past month. With just about 30 days of streaming under his belt, he’s already been making waves -- growing to 2,000 followers and 200+ peak viewers in that short period of time. 

Master Class Digest: Personal Branding

September 18, 2020

Debuting this week is our Master Class on Personal Branding, one of the most important parts of your streaming career. Your personal brand is how you present yourself to the world. It defines how others perceive you from the get go, so having one is key to your success.