& StoneMountain64 Present

Helping streamers turn their passion into a career

The Top 10 Things Streamers Should Know by StoneMountain64

In this infographic, I'm sharing

The importance of knowing your audience
...and how to find your niche

The streaming equipment 101
...and how to get the most out of the equipment you've got

How to expand your potential reach
...and how this increases your stability as a streamer

Why collaboration is key to success
...and my tips for building your own network.


​Hey, I’m StoneMountain64, (..AKA David)

Quitting my steady salary job to follow my passion of gaming and creating content online was a huge risk, as it is for so many creators turning their passion into a career.

With 7 years experience making content and 4 years streaming, I’ve built an audience of 3+ million followers between 2 different platforms and I can say that I’m still learning and working hard to be the best that I can.

Speaking from experience, the beginning is the most difficult.

With limited information spread across multiple platforms and fragmented communities, there is a need for more resources for new creators starting out, as well as experienced creators looking to take their content to the next level.

In this infographic, I'm giving you the knowledge that I wish I had when I was starting out and building my community.